District All Star Tournament Information

The All Star District Tournaments are about to kick off, so if you wish to follow our FNWLL teams, check out the District Website to see the brackets and follow the progress.  Once you are on their webpage, scroll down to see all the various brackets. To decode what they have on their website:
  • “Major” Baseball = 12U All Stars
  • “10/11” Baseball = 11U All Stars
  • “Minor” Baseball = 10U All Stars (so that would include both our 10A and 10B teams)
  1. Also the Midland Daily News sports section is usually very good at reporting on district tournament results, sometimes more quickly than the district website.
  2. The 12U tournament is being held at the Mount Pleasant Little League Fields, and our 12U team has their first game on Saturday, 7/9 at 2:30 pm against Clare on Field #1. Their fields are the Pickens Fields on the south side of M20 just a little west of Mission Street, right at the Chippewa River.
  3. The 11U tournament is being held at the Union Township Little League Fields, and our 11U team has their first game a week later on Sunday, 7/17 at 5:30 pm against Union Township on Sacco Field. To get to their fields you need to take M20 through Mount Pleasant, past the Mount Pleasant little league fields until you are pretty much out of town, and then you will see the Union Township Fields at McDonald Park on the south side of M20, just past Lincoln Road.
  4. The 10U tournament is being held right here in Midland on our own FWNLL fields at the Sturgeon Complex. The 10A team starts off this weekend on Saturday, 7/9, at 11:00 am against the winner of Shepherd vs Freeland, and the 10B shortly thereafter at 11:30 against the winner of Clare vs Northeast B.

Summer Sandlot 6-10 Signup now until June 25th

We are ready to accept registrations for the  summer sandlot league for kids Little League ages 6 through 10.  Little League age is determined by the new little league age rules.  Please click on  this 2016 Sandlot Registration Flyer and send in the mail to register.  You do NOT have to have been registered for the regular spring season in order to be eligible for Sandlot.  10U A and B all-stars are NOT eligible for the Sandlot league.  The 8U tournament team players ARE eligible.   

2016 Field Day, Saturday April 9th

  • Field Day is our annual event to clean up and set up the Sturgeon and Dietz fields.
  • The exercise is intended for AA, AAA, and Majors players, managers, and parents.  Coach Pitch and Tball teams are excused.
  • Date and Time:  This Saturday April 9th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon.
  • If there is light or intermittent rain, the work will continue.  If there is a steady rain, then the work will be postponed for April 16th.
  • Your manager will inform you of your exact field assignments.
  • In addition to the players, each team should field at least 4 to 5 adults to help.
  • The Sturgeon Fields are located on Sturgeon road, just north of U.S. 10, across the road from Barstow Airport.
  • Dietz Field is located on the corner of Eastlawn and Bayliss, close to Eastlawn Elementary School

2016 Tag Night, Tuesday April 12th

  • Tag Night is our annual door-to-door fundraising event.  Each team is assigned a specific neighborhood and the kids, with adult supervision, will go door-to-door to request cash donations to the league.
  • This is an important fundraising mechanism for the League.  Last year, for example, our teams were able to raise over $6000 from Tag Night collections.
  • All Majors, AAA, and AA teams are expected to participate.  Coach Pitch and Tball teams are excused.
  • Date and Time:  Tuesday April 12th from 6:00 to 7:30 pm.  We will have people at the Sturgeon field complex as early as 5:00 p.m. and as late as 8:30 p.m. to help you with receiving and then depositing money containers.
  • Again it is good to get as many parents to help out as possible.  A 2:1 ratio of kids to parents is ideal.  Parents MUST have their volunteer forms filled out and signed to participate.
  • Your manager will inform you of your exact neighborhood assignment and the exact logistics of where you will meet prior to going through your specific neighborhood.

2016 Late Registration

Regular Registration for 2016 is complete.   The following Divisions are full and no longer accepting late registrations
  • Majors Division (10-12 year olds)
  • AA Division (8-9 year olds)
  • Coach Pitch Division (5-7 year olds)
  • Tball Division (4-5 year olds)
There are a few open slots on teams that will be filled on a first come first serve basis for the following divisions:
  • AAA Division (10-11 year olds)
To register for an open slot, please call Dan Kaiser at 989-488-3686 to get an update on slots available and instructions for how to register late.

Welcome to the Fraternal Northwest Little League Website:

FNWLL provides a great league for kids from ages 4-12.  We have Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, AA, AAA and Majors levels of baseball that serves approximately 400 families.  Through these levels we provide the kids with a fun and challenging baseball experience.

To Which Midland Little League Organization Do You Belong?

  A Description of League Boundaries for the FNWLL Playing Area

In the area surrounding Midland, there are 5 different leagues associated with Little League.  Your primary residence determines to which league you belong.  Please check out the simple map attached to this message to determine if you live in the FNWLL area.  If you have questions regarding which organization to sign up with, do not hesitate to contact one of the board members listed.